Report Update: 10 Days of Growth

10 days after planting the cultures in the containers with the nutrient solutions I can see a real progress in the cellulose layers‘ growth.

When in the beginning I couldn’t make out any growth and was already getting worried, in the last days the layers have been growing approximately 1mm a day. The thickness of the different cellulose layers now ranges from 0,4cm to 0,9cm.

There are already some first examinations I could make:

Logically, the thickness increases faster in the smaller containers.

The cultures seem to prefer a nutrition solution from pure green tea. Even though I mixed the other teas with some green tea as well, the pure one thrives fastest.

The test culture where I put proportionally the least sugar also grows slowest, though it might also be due to its position in the shelf, where it also gets the least heat.


Another nice development in the lab is that my fellow students have started to take notice of what I am doing in this small chamber. Yesterday and today students have repeatedly come in, asked questions and asked to see the cultures. There have already been some nice ideas and experiences brought in. Also they are starting to put their ideas and thoughts on the Open-Space-Posters I put on the door of the lab.

Maybe this development is also due to the music playlist I’ve been putting together and playing to the cultures.

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  1. Hallo!
    Do the cultures smell like some fresh tea, like I would expect bacteria cultures to smell, or do they smell more like the plastic container they are growing in?
    They look great anyways, good job!

    1. Hi Anolymous!

      I did my best to clean the plastic containers before I put the teas and cultures inside.
      But it also doesn’t smell like fresh tea, because it is a fermentation process it smells more like vinegar and somehoe sweet, and obviously it smells like the love I put into them :)
      But I am anning to write an article about „What is Kombucha“ where you can read more about the smell, texture and taste of this stuff!

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